Slavery Files

Slavery files are designed to cause intense levels of submission. These files often give others complete control over the listener.

We have the following four slavery samples for your use:


This file will make you a complete slave when someone says the trigger phrase. You will not remember your time as a slave with this file.


This file makes the listener enjoy painful erotic accessories such as clothespins on their nipples and genitals.

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This file will cause the listener to perform oral sex on any man that presents his to them. The listener will be totally unable to control his or her actions until the man they are servicing ejaculates. If a group of men present their penises to the listener, the listener will have to (orally) bring each man in the group to orgasm twice before regaining control.


This very simple file causes the listener to desire being dominated. The listener will want to be enslaved by a master or mistress permanently.