Erotic Hypnosis - Interview

The following is the text of an interview with founder and host EMG.

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Warp My Mind is one of the most if not the most well know web site in the online hypnosis community. Please tell me a little about the when, where, and how’s of the beginnings for WMM.

WMM started in February or March of 2002 during a period of unemployment for myself. It started after discussing hypnosis with a friend that I was BSing with on AOL. I cannot remember the exact context of the conversation but the idea of creating a Hypnosis website stuck in my mind so I tracked down some shareware software to record files with and got my hands on some web publishing software and created the initial version of WMM, a simple web page with maybe a dozen files most of them relating to slavery/enslavement. I’m sure I had grandiose plans of enslaving the female half of humanity but I tried to do more than just that. Shortly after I created the site I announced it in a lot of Yahoo forums relating to hypnosis and then I created my own forum there and that’s where everything started. After a while people started asking what else I could make and for quite a while I was fairly busy. After a year or so I started charging for custom work and looking more seriously at the website. Eventually I realized we were outgrowing a simple web page so I built a voting system and a file system and we grew a little. Finally I decided I wanted to pull away from Yahoo for groups because I was hearing they were killing a lot of adult groups so I tracked down PHP Nuke and worked on it for several months before one day I discovered that Yahoo had killed my group and at that point the move was made and we ended up in the environment we are now.

In addition to the extensive library of hypnosis files, WMM hosts all of the features one would expect from a well rounded community site. What do you enjoy most about running WMM? What are some of the challenges?

I love getting feedback from the users, some of it is flirtatious, some of it is simply asking for help, and every so often I get an outright complement or not of thanks. Truth is I enjoy all of it(although there are days). The biggest challenge is keeping on top of emails, the site, and dreaming up new things. I may have a voting page with hundreds of ideas, but sometimes that just means searching harder for the gem that everyone wants(or really strikes my own fancy).

How long have you been practicing hypnosis and how did you come to develop your skills as a hypnotist?

I’ve been practicing it for over 10 years, my first slave(whom I am still with) became a very willing volunteer and we used it and still do fairly frequently. Most of my skills are from a combination of study, feedback, and hands-on experience, but I started with a simple book checked out from the library and a desire for control.

There are over 500 hypnosis files available on WMM covering a wide range for topics from unique fetishes to adult fantasies and even the more common general relaxation hypnosis. It’s not uncommon to see a post on a message board asking for a specific type of trance, the reply is almost certainly to be, “have you checked WMM?” The majority of files on WMM are your own creations, I’m curious from where you draw your ideas and inspiration?

2 places, the users, and my own desires. The users provide me with immense and invaluable feedback that helps me more than anything else, but in a lot of the enslavement(and some of the others) you’ll also see pieces of my own needs and desires. For the more exotic fetish files I try to imagine what someone else would respond to and go from there, some of the earliest ones are a bit heavy handed and dominant, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons so that I connect with people with desires I may not share but that I respect. Frankly some of the stranger requests have been the most fun to make and I love the challenge of making something that makes the listener respond no matter what the topic.

With the great variety of different topics and hypnosis themes available on WMM, as I browse through the files list, I really like your format with the descriptions and ratings by the way, but I get the sense WMM is a good resource for exploring different aspects of hypnosis, perhaps with the opportunity to try something new. Is that ability to explore something that was by design?

Yes, even when the site started I had a variety and I’ve tried to keep that and to find ways to make it more accessible and give people a chance to say what they do and don’t like. I’ve picked up a lot from mainstream sites and other places but I’m always looking for ways to make the site easier to use and more responsive to the user.

Occasionally outside the circle of adult hypnosis I’ll come across mention of WMM. It’s logical for me to assume that many receive their introduction to adult hypnosis as well as hypnosis in general from WMM. Of the files that you have available, do you have a recommended starting point?

I always suggest that you start simple. A total feminization file isn’t a good jumping in point unless you REALLY want it(and maybe not even then). Start with an induction or two and find one that you like then try a simple file, I’ve recommended trigfreeze and trigmasturbate to hundreds of people because while they probably aren’t that persons fetish they are simple to experiment with and get used to and that may help you have success with the files you really do want. Especially if that file is one of the more complicated ones. Not everyone has enough patience to wait for a difficult file and these easier ones help them see that it really is working and that what they want can work for them.

There are some people who just can’t be hypnotized no matter what. Is that statement true or false and why?

It is perfectly true, there are some people that can’t keep focus for long enough to be hypnotized or have other reasons that they resist or refuse it. On top of that, not ever person reacts to every hypnotist, some people love my voice and meter while others won’t go under to anyone but a female hypnotist. Add to that the fixed nature of online files where the hypnotist can’t react to their subject and you’ll always find some people that don’t go under. In a clinical situation the vast majority of us can go under, with something online it is best to experiment and find out what works best for you and then with experience you can go back to ones you didn’t respond to as well and you may still find yourself going under just because you know what it’s like.

In addition to the files you’ve created for WMM many other hypnotists have also uploaded their work for the benefit of the community. I also noticed you have an announcement on your front page encouraging other hypnotists to participate. For someone who may aspire to become a hypnotist, what kind of advice or recommendations do you have?

The simplest suggestion I have is to study, there are a LOT of resources out there and all you have to do is read and practice. Read some scripts written by others and try them yourself, if you don’t have someone to practice on then get some software like audacity and just simply record your own voice and listen to it. Try not to speak too quickly and don’t try for more than one goal at a time, it’s much easier to get someone to take off their pants than it is for them to become a complete and utter slave with no memory of their past life and a desire for anal sex. If you start simple you’ll see greater success.

As things evolve so has the online hypnosis community. What sort of differences do you notice today from when you first became involved?

When I started it was less of a community, there were a few forums on Yahoo and other places and some chats but 99% of the web pages were for hypno-dommes and even those were pretty simples. Since then I’ve seen a greater variety arise and a greater openness. I’d love to see hypnosis become as accepted and recognized a fetish as BDSM(and yes, I do realize the irony of those words, but compared to BDSM we’re a closeted unknown).

Do you have any new exiting plans for WMM?

At this time I’m hoping to do a redesign of the site in the next 2 years so that it’s even better and easier to use, and at some point I may begin adding video to the site. Not simple porn, but videos that are also files taking someone through a transformation. We’ll see how that goes, but it is what I want.

Thank you EMG for taking the time to participate in this interview. You have done a great job with WMM and many in the community have benefited. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I’d like to preach something I always have, patience and acceptance. We are all VERY different people and what I have done is a reflection of that, where else on the web can you find people into BDSM, Mind Control, Male to Female Transformation, Diapers, and probably a hundred other fetishes. What I desire may be completely alien to what you desire but despite that we gather in a community of people that enjoy hypnosis and want to experience it and we should be tolerant of the desires of others, just because someone doesn’t like what you like doesn’t mean they’re a bad person, just different and in the end aren’t we all just a little bit different. Isn’t that what makes us unique and special.