Erotic Hypnosis - Definitions

Adult Baby Hypnosis

This branch of erotic hypnosis involves the desire of some adults to be reverted back to a more infantile state. Standard age regression techniques are uses but the subject is left in the regressed state upon awakening or after a trigger phrase is spoken.

Adult Hypnosis

This is simply another term for Erotic Hypnosis. It is any form of hypnosis that is intended for adult participants and is usually sexual in nature.


This is the tendency to forget what was said/done while under hypnosis. Amnesia varies depending on how deep the subject goes and a variety of personal factors.

There are 3 stages of Amnesia (found at the Somnambulism Depth)

First Stage

The individual will exhibit between 20% to 40% spontaneous amnesia.

Second Stage

The individual will exhibit approximately 60% spontaneous amnesia.

Third Stage

The individual will respond to all types of suggestions. This person will exhibit 80% or more spontaneous amnesia, remembering almost nothing that occurred while in hypnosis.

Behavior Modification

This form of hypnosis can be used in both traditional and erotic hypnosis. In traditional hypnosis it describes any hypnosis used to change a negative or unwanted behavior(ie. Smoking). In erotic hypnosis behavior modification is used in a wide spectrum of scenarios including mind control, slavery, feminization and diaper training.

Brainwave States


The brainwave activity state of the normal wake state. Higher than Alpha and Theta.


Slow brainwave activity state of hypnosis (resting but awake). Also known as hypnoidal. Alpha is slower (deeper) than Beta, the awake state, and faster than Theta, a deep hypnotic state.


A deep hypnotic state just above Delta, this is the level that most hypnosis occurs.


Slowest brainwave activity pattern of sleep, and the deepest, somnambulistic state of hypnosis. Also see Alpha, Beta and Theta.


Conscious Mind

The 12% of our mind of which we are most aware. The part responsible for logic, reasoning, decision-making, and will power.

Critical Mind

An area of mind that is part conscious and part subconscious. Any time a suggestion is given to a subject that is detrimental to his/her well-being or in total opposition to his/her way of thinking, it will trigger the critical mind and be rejected.

Defense Mechanisms

All defense mechanisms stem from the basic instinct of survival. They operate on an unconscious level and they serve to deny or distort reality, thoughts, and action. Some Defense Mechanisms are: Repression, Denial, Rationalization, Projection, Displacement, Turning against self, Reaction Formation, Overcompensation, Intellectualization, Withdrawal, Regression, Sublimation, and Disassociation.

Diaper Hypnosis

While categorized as part of Erotic Hypnosis or Hypnofetish, diaper hypnosis is frequently not of a sexual nature. Used by adult babies and diaper fetishists, Diaper Hypnosis is generally used to cause temporary or permanent incontinence in the listener and only occasionally includes sexual connotations.

Environmental Hypnosis

A state of hypersuggestibility, triggered when an individual is in the presence of an overabundance of messages coming from their environment. This causes the person to try to escape the intense input, resulting in a kind of "waking hypnosis."

Erotic Hypnosis

Any hypnosis that is used for purely adult or erotic intentions. Generally this refers to hypnosis used to enhance sexual experiences, this also applies to hypnosis used in any of a wide variety of fringe sexual behaviors including enslavement, mind control, objectification, bimbofication, diaper, furry, and feminization.

Feminization Hypnosis

Generally referring to any erotic hypnosis that is used to cause a man to believe he is a woman either temporarily or permanently. This varies from simple triggers that make the subject believes he has breasts to attempts at complete sexual reassignment via the use of hypnosis.


A state of waking hypnosis and exaggerated suggestibility to influencing factors in the environment, especially to negatives. This is a state heavily relied upon by cults, and anyone in marketing.

Hypno Sex

Any erotic hypnosis event in which the subject is either brought to orgasm or relives a real or imagined sexual event. Hypno Sex happens entirely inside of the subjects mind even though the subjects body frequently moves and moans as if they are actually experiencing sex.


While generally believed to refer to any fetish that is acted on through hypnosis, hypnofetish is actually the act of having hypnosis as the primary fetish, people with a hypnofetish will find hypnosis itself arousing and will frequently become addicted to sexual exploits that directly involve erotic hypnosis.


An altered state of consciousness that results in an increased receptiveness and response to suggestion. While associated with relaxation, hypnosis is actually an escape from an overload of message units, resulting in relaxation. Hypnosis can be triggered naturally from environmental stimuli as well as purposefully by a hypnotist.


A therapist who utilizes hypnosis as a primary tool for assisting clients to achieve their goals. A Hypnotherapist often differs from others therapists by focusing on the role of subconscious behaviors and influences on the client's life.


An induction is the act of bringing a subject into a state of hypnosis using any of a variety of techniques that allow the hypnotist to communicate with the subject’s subconscious mind directly.

Types of Inductions/Deepeners

Arm Raising / Primary Induction

The Arm Raising Induction, also known as the Primary Induction is generally only used during the first hypnotic session to create the association of hypnotic depth and establish the expectation current and future success. Once an acceptable stat of trance is used the hypnotist makes suggestions that cause the subject’s arm, from the fingertips to the elbow, to lift either into the air or until it reaches the face. Once there the hypnotist makes suggestions that the limb cannot be moved to cement in the subjects mind that the trance is working. This is usually followed with deepeners and suggestions to facilitate future trance work.

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Arm Rigidity Deepener

The hypnotist holds the client's outstretched arm from beneath the elbow. They then instruct the subject to draw all the tensions of their body into their arm, from the count of five to zero. At zero the arm will be as tight as a steel bar. The client is told the tensions will release and they'll go deeper when the lowers their arms by touching their wrist.

Eye Fascination Induction

The subject is told to open eyes and look at the tip of a pen(or other object) held above their eye level. Then they are instructed to follow the pen only with their eyes. As the their eyes track downward, their lids will close. When they close, the hypnotist touches he subject’s forehead and says "Deep Sleep."

Heavy Light Deepener

The subject’s arms are both outstretched, right hand palm up and the left hand at a right angle with thumb up. They are told a weight is placed in their right hand pressing down and a powerful helium balloon is tied to their left. They are then told that when right hand touches their leg they'll go deeper. This can be used as a deepening technique or a suggestibility test.

Progressive Relaxation Induction/Deepener

A deepening technique and secondary induction. The aim of this technique is to relax the various areas of the client's body starting from the feet if they are in the reclined position, or from the head down is they are sitting. Once the relaxation is complete toe to head, a five to zero count is given, at which time the hypnotist can take them deeper, use a trance trigger or start to work from there.

Reactional Deepener

Repeatedly awakening the subject and re-hypnotizing them with a post hypnotic suggestion.

Shock Induction

A very rapid conversion into hypnosis. Shock inductions are primarily used only in emergencies or possibly to "jar" a client when in therapy. They have also become popular in stage or street hypnosis.

Staircase Deepener

The subject visualizes they are standing at the top of a staircase of twenty steps. The staircase is well lit and has a sturdy handrail. With each step they imagine taking down the staircase they find themselves going deeper and deeper.

Levels of Hypnosis


A light stage of hypnosis, usually associated with emotional suggestibility; also used to refer to the state of consciousness which is passed through in the transition from sleep to waking, and vice versa. It is characterized by rapid eye movement (REM), with an up/down motion of the eyes.


A medium depth of hypnosis. Characterized by a side to side movement of the eyes.


The deepest state of hypnosis, where the client responds with amnesia, anesthesia, negative and positive hallucinations, and complete control of the senses. This type of person usually has 50% emotional suggestibility and 50% physical suggestibility. It is characterized by the eyes rolling up underneath the eyelids.

Magic 30 Minutes

The last half-hour before sleep, when a person's mind is overloaded and is in a natural state of hypnosis. Something taken into the mind at this time goes into the precognitive stage of dreaming, instead of the venting stage.

Mind Control Hypnosis

This type of erotic hypnosis is practiced by people wishing to feel as if another person or entity is controlling their mind or body. While this type of hypnosis is frequently combined with slavery hypnosis the two are distinct as Mind Control Hypnosis may result in a variety of behavioral changes that are not slavery.

Neuro Pathways

Every time we think a thought, make a movement, experience something, this is transformed into electro-chemical energy, which is then stored in the brain. The brain then creates pathways that allow the energy to travel in a similar fashion each time it is triggered. The more it is triggered, the easier it is for the energy to go that route. This is how habits and behavior, both good and bad, are created.

Objectification Hynposis

This refers to the subset of erotic hypnosis where the subject is transformed into an object including but not limited to robots, dolls, sex toys, and even furniture. Two common forms of Objectification Hypnosis are:

Human Doll

The subject finds themselves transformed into a doll, mannequin, or inflatable sex toy with no ability to move of their own volition. Such transformations are usually limited to short periods of time as this form of hypnosis is difficult to maintain.


Participants in this type of hypnosis are frequently trained to act as a robot or android. Movements are frequently still or mechanical and the subject is controlled by the hypnotist or trigerer. Robot scenarios can be incredibly complex and can even involve the subject “pretending” to be human when not in service as a robot.

Orgasm Control Hypnosis

This is actually one of the most common forms of erotic hypnosis. Orgasm Control usually involves the hypnotist being able to control the arousal, and orgasms of the subject. Suggestions usually involve increasing arousal without the ability to orgasm until a specific word or phrase is spoken. This type of hypnosis can also be used by orgasm denial and chastity fetishists.


The hypnotist/subject relationship, in which the subject has faith and confidence in the hypnotist, and the hypnotist has concern for the subject.


A sign that a person is running into his/her limiting programming and having an affect on it.

Slavery Hypnosis

This form of erotic hypnosis is usually used by BDSM fetishists. It describes any scenarion where the subject is trained as a slave. Training frequently includes obedience, willingness to suffer pain, orgasm control, and a wide variety of other BDSM topics.


The 88% of our mind that is below the level of our awareness. The part of our mind responsible for reflexive action and ideomotor responses, it contains all the positive and negative associations we've made throughout our life.

Trance Tools

These are verbal and mental tools that a hypnotist may use to help achieve the goal that they are working to achieve with the subject.


Positive suggestions given though hypnosis that help the subject achieve a change or goal through repitition.

Age Regression

A hypnotized subject is given suggestions that he or she is of a younger age so that the subject can relive certain experiences and/or re-experience events.


A specific stimulus such as a word, image or touch that helps link the subjects mind to a mental, emotional, or physical state.


Also known as Pavlovian conditioning. A process by which a subject comes to respond in a desired manner to a previously neutral stimulus that has been repeatedly presented along with a stimulus that elicits the desired response. The most common example of this are associating the words “deep sleep” with hypnotic trance.


Essentially an I dare you, in which the hypnotist challenges the client to perform some act which it is impossible for the subject to do at their current level of hypnosis. Examples are the eye challenge and the arm rigidity challenge.

Conversion to Hypnosis

A suggestibility test (e.g., finger spreading test) which is extended beyond the point where the suggestibility is determined and us used as an induction into hypnosis.

Delayed Action

The act of presenting a suggestion that will be taken into the subjects subconscious to be acted upon later.

Direct Suggestion

Hypnotic suggestions in the form of a direct command or instruction.


The use of authority or that of being an authority figure to "command" the subject to accept a suggestion.


Appearing to be guiding someone into one area with the intention of directing him into another. It can be used effectively as a deepening technique in hypnosis.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

A delayed action or association that the subject will act upon subconsciously at a later time while fully conscious. An example would be the trance trigger "Deep Sleep."


By repeating suggestions in hypnosis we strengthen the suggestion and make the suggestion stronger and easier to retain.

Reverse Psychology

Where a person will respond to the stronger part of a suggestion if the alternative presented is considerably weaker.

Transformation Hypnosis

This describes any hypnosis intended to transform the subject temporarily or permanently. Transformations can include a believe that they are in another body, or can include actual physical changes to the subject’s body.