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I Hate Software Changes

I've spent the past few weeks reworking the CC processing system. After finally getting everything to work I finally tested it last night. Everything looked great until this morning, now I've discovered it won't process memberships properly.  I HATE software changes. (which really sucks since I write software).


Start of a New Year

I don't do New Years resolutions, they aren't me. If something needs changed, I either work on it, or I don't(hey, we're all lazy and I've meant to lose a little weight for almost a decade). So, this isn't a resolution, but expect to see a lot of changes in the next year. I have some serious plans for a redesign and since I'm currently unemployed I hope to put about 25 hours a week into the website plus another 15 into a very special side project. It could be a VERY interesting 2010.

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Evil for the Holidays

I've always tried to make the Holidays more fun by creating Naughty and Nice files for Christmas. This was fun the first time I did it. Just as much fun the next couple times, but now that I've done it 5 or 6 times it's starting to be a real challenge. I dread to even guess what it will be like in another decade or two. Will I start recycling old files, or will I just strive for new things. I think this year I'm going to ask the users for suggestions.


Back to Blogging

It's been too long, but it's time to get back to work and I have a HUGE list. Erotic-Hypnosis-Files needs updated file information, WarpMyMind is going to get video and several makeovers on both the look and feel. I've started work on Lady Rio's website and I may have found someone to help me on everything I'm putting together. I'm halfway torn between wanting more time away from work so that I can finish everything and the need for money. Sadly I fear that money will win out in the long term. I guess we'll see but I am hoping the month will be a productive one.


Radio Star

Well, this friday I get to play at being a radio star. Ok, not really, I'm appearing on a blog where I'll be interviewed by the people over at This should be fairly fun, and I may be hypnotizing someone on the air just to add a little more fun. It's made for a frantic week, but at least it's been an interesting one.


This Week's Brainstorm

I've done a lot of files that change a person without them knowing. I'm thinking that my next set of files is going to involve leaving your personality intact while you find yourself forced to act out the behavior of the file for a day. Things like gay for a day, or slut for a day where you act outwardly exactly the way the file describes, but mentally you're trapped inside your own body watching as you do all of these things.


Evil Idea of the Day

I have started a topic on called "Evil Idea of the day"  It's in the Hypno BDSM forum. I'm going to try to post 1 Wicked hypnotic idea every day until I run out of ideas. I may also create a second blog here to track them all, we shall see, but for now you can get an daily look into the demented thinkings of an evil erotic hypnotist by going here:



Sometimes inspiration is something that comes from within, your ideas are all your own and you form them into something special. Sometimes it requires a little kick. This week it was a little kick. I was talking to an acquaintance the other day and she's a messed up person(working on 24/7 life in a cage). Well, we discussed things that might help her adjust to her new life and she suggested a few file ideas and I looked them over and found the gems and poof I've got material for a month and am feeling more evil than I have been in quite a while.


Well, I have heard that everyone that does public speaking etc. has at least 1 nightmare demo. That was my friday night, we were in a HUGE auditorium and about the time my demo started a band fired up onstage and people could only barely hear my yelling. I tried to hold a conversation with someone after the show and while talking in my loudest non-yelling voice we couldn't understand each other well at 4 feet. It was crazy but I had a good time and don't think I did poorly. I guess we shall see.


Antibiotics and Me

Normally I talk about hypnosis or my plans(frak, I still have a presentation to five in 3 days), but today I'm going to bitch about antibiotics. I got an infection recently and my Dr. put me on antibiotics. Well, for those of you that haven't experienced it, I do NOT recommend accidentally taking them on an empty stomach. I burned my stomach with excess acid and am now on other non-fun medicines. Good news, I'll live, bad news I don't feel like I want to ;)

On hypnotic fronts, I'm thinking of creating some how-to files/videos. Hopefully they'll come together over the next month.


I once said that blogging isn't my thing, and my 2 week break proves it. Still, we al have our crosses to bear and my next evil plan may involve a daily twitter that involves my EVIL thought of the day(possibly a daily trigger as well).

We'll see if it happens, but I'm kinda liking the idea despite the fact that the number of text messages a month I send can be counted on one hand.

Still, I do like messing with people and I think I'm going to consider some "Master Level" files that are intended exactly for that purpose. Things to mess with your head and draw you in for more evil fun.

I guess time will tell(after all, we can see how good I am at blogging)


I've spent most of this summer working from home and slowly seeing my savings account disappear. This week I got a new contract(also from home) + I've agreed to do a demo at the end of September. I have files that need done, and website revisions to accomplish.

I'm starting to miss that savings account disappearing thing and it's only been one week. Oh, well, that's why I get paid the "big" bucks. Stil, if anyone has any ideas for what I should demo with hypnosis in only 30 minutes drop me a line(, I can use all the help I can get.


Live and in person. I've spent a lot of time being as anonymous as possible. I've worked at changing that and it looks like those plans are coming together(we'll see whether this is a good thing or not). I have tentatively agreed to host demos for the Sex Show at Denver's Sanctuary on Sept 24, 25, and 26. The times have not been ironed out but unless something happens I will be there and I will be presenting short demonstrations on hypnosis fun. Odds are EMGslave will be drafted to be my subject and I do hope to have more than a bit of fun, so if you're in the Denver area, drop in, watch and say hi.


Lately I've been working to be more of a representative of erotic hypnosis and not just a faceless entity of evil.  Too many people seem to mysticize it or fear it(I have a friend that's afraid of it).  Hypnosis isn't difficult, it isn't evil, it's just another state of mind, a way for your subconscious to come out and play with your conscious.  People seem to be afraid of that, and I guess I can see why, some of us are pretty messed up on the inside, but the truth is that erotic hypnosis is about exploring sex and sexuality in a new way.

If I never mentioned hypnosis and told someone that they could make their partner orgasm over and over again every time they had sex most people would applaude me.  Add in hypnosis and suddenly it's all mystical.  It's not, it's all in your head and how you think and feel and react.  It's like reading a book and feeling for the people inside of it and responding when things happen to them.  That's it, no magic, just a different state of perceiving reality.  You get out what you want and if you always go in with an open mind you'll find it can be a wonderful and rewarding journey.


Next Level of Crazy

I've done a lot of crazy things in my life, what do you expect from someone that runs a site like WarpMyMind.  I've been to BDSM events and tied women up in the woods.  I've been asked to do a thousand crazy things and am a better than average hypnotist.

What I haven't done is teach, help other people explore the deep, twisted fun that you can have with hypnosis.  I've never sat down and worked hands-on with a group.

As one of the best known representatives of erotic hypnosis I think that needs to change.  Even among fetish groups we're looked at as a bit out there(or as a way for women to exploit horny men) and frankly that needs to change.

I haven't figured out how yet, but it is going to happen.  I expect that I will either try to start a local group in Colorado(sadly, probably meeting in Denver as the Colorado Springs crowd is too small).  If nothing out I think I will make some instructional videos and post them on WMM.

This may not sound that crazy, but for someone that has worked hard to be anonymous, it feels like I'm going crazy :)


Thunder in the Mountains

This past weekend I went to Thunder in the Mountains, tied up and beat MY slave, learned better ways to tie up and beat my slave and had a great time and met several people that I hope to see there again next year.  I even learned a bit about doing presentations and hopefully that will come in handy at least a couple times in the next year.

I also met Jillian from over at  Apparently a few of the people there have tried out my files and I've even been asked to appear on a radio program and possibly hypnotize a sub that doesn't really believe in hypnosis.  Could be fun and when I find out more I'll post it. 

For those that get a chance, Tony Buff, and Derek De Silva are EXCELLENT presenters, if they're appearing near you definitely go see them.  I also highly recommend Lew Rubens, he does some beautiful bondage work(you should see his photo album).  Also, John Pendal did a great presentation on how to present a seminar.

Rich Dockter and the staff did a wonderful job again this year and I'd like to thank them all.

Finally, for those in the Denver area, if you get a chance to see the Denver Cycle Sluts, they do a great job, you'll laugh your ass off.


Brain Drain

For the last 6 months(or more) I have wanted to start a new series called BrainWashing.  I plan to meld the techniques of brainwashing with hypnosis to create something nicely evil.  At least that's the plan, so far every time I sit down to work on the plan either life intervenes or I find myself with writers block(something I don't suffer frequently).  I'm starting to think that this will either be my master work or it will simply never happen.  I don't know...

Hopefully this weekend of evil at Thunder in the Mountains I'll find my muse(or at least torture a few people beyond reason).  Anyway, if you're going, see you there.


Those are the words that went through my head the other day, "What am I getting myself into."  I ran into the organizer of Hypnoticon and had a conversation with him.  He's still interested in putting together Hypnoticon 2 so, like a fool, I volunteered to help out.  Truth is, I hope it comes together, I had a blast at the first one and can always use a good excuse or two to leave Colorado, but it isn't like I'm not a fairly busy person so if this happens I may be a VERY busy guy.  Still, I think it will be worth it, I've been trying to make Erotic/Deviant hypnosis more and more mainstream and that means meeting people and talking to them.  Well, if anyone has any ideas(or wants to volunteer), to help make Hypnoticon 2 a reality please drop me a note(

Oh, and if your sub, female, live in Colorado, and want your brains twisted drop me a note too ;)


It's about 3 weeks until Thunder in the Mountains(Major BDSM shindig in Denver) and I'm spending a LOT more time thinking about Hypnosis and BDSM than usual.

This is mostly because I plan on demonstrating hypnosis and BDSM to the guy that organizes Thunder.  
I'm doing this because I want to do a demonstration/presentation next year.  I volunteered this year but he'd already filled all the slots for demos, so I'm trying again for next year and he wants to see exactly what I do.

So, this is a nervous time for me, not sure if I'm going to demo with EMGslave as my lone subject or if I'll use whomever is handy.  Either way I need to show him what you can do with hypnosis to complement BDSM.

Needless to say I have a few ideas, but I'm always open to more.

Wish me luck.


It has now been over a year since I went to Hypnoticon, a hypnsis convention leaning towards alternative hypnosis(had to have been, I was on a panel).  

I REALLY wish the organizer had been better organized and had worked a little harder to keep all the guests happy.  He did a great job putting it together but once it was over things simply unraveled and poof they canceled part 2 in LA and since then the website has been dead and I haven't heard from the guy.  It's a shame because I think it could have become something very interesting.  

In my stranger hours I think I should arrange MindWarpCon and invite all the evil hypnotists and fetishists.  We'd probably have to have it in Vegas or San Francisco, but I keep wondering if it'd be worth all the insane levels of effort(and probably money) that something like that would take.

I guess we'll see if I can find the drive/desire to do something like that.


This week I created a file called Curse Blue Balls. Sometimes I think for a while before figuring out what I want to record.

This week it was simply there.

I woke up with the idea in my head and I really have no idea why, it's not a topic that's near or dear to me and I don't suffer from it as I have a more than willing slave that will satisfy me whenever I desire.  Admittedly I do enjoy orgasm control, but being Dominant I'm the one controlling the orgasms, not the one having it controlled.  Oh, well, guess we'll never know what posessed me but the file turned out well and I'm happy with it.


One of the greatest challenges of running WMM is keeping things new.  Finding new ways to revisit the various fetish's that are represented on the site.  Sometimes it takes a trip to the voting page, sometimes I sit in my chair and brainstorm, and sometimes I simply wake up with an idea. It's usually the ones that I wake up with that seem to flow from my mind the most easily and become files. Sometimes I wish I had more of those or could direct my mind to keep working on a single concept until it was perfect, but I don't seem to work that way so one days it's "enslave the world"  and the next day the world doesn't need enslaving so let's make Johhny wear a diaper. Yes, that is exactly how random my mind is.


This week I felt like fucking with people's heads so I did a new MindFuck file. It started with a 'how can I fuck with people's heads in a new way' and pretty soon I was thinking about the subconscious and how it touches our minds. Then I thought about dreams and pretty soon I'd tied it all together into a file where your dreams start fucking with your mind until the dreams flow over into reality.


This is the firt in what I plan to be a series of weekly blog entries. Generally I plan to post them on Mondays and plan to use them to describe whatever file I dreamed up and recorded over the weekend.

This week I found my mind working on a complete tangent from what I had planned to do. Originally I planned to do a new MindFuck file called Experiment 003, but while I was figuring out what I wanted in that file something else came over me and instead I got to thinking about nano technology and the kind of implants they always dream up in Mind Control stories. So, where my mind wandere the file followed and I wrote out what I thought the implant should do, thought anout it a little and recorded "The Implant. "